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Disasters strike without warning.  Threats to business systems now extend well beyond equipment failure and natural disasters.   Man-made disasters such as ransomware, theft, vandalism and employee sabotage are quickly becoming more common. Rojoli’s Business Continuity Services provide comprehensive backup and disaster recovery platforms.   Our solutions provide total data asset protection for your company’s physical servers, virtual servers, and workstations.   Data and images reside on-site and provides local backup of all servers and devices while replicating to Rojoli’s private cloud for additional disaster recovery capability. 


Backup and disaster recovery (BDRaaS)
Getting you back up and running fast is the strength of the ARK platform. Physical devices or Virtual Machines can be restored in a matter of minutes to any of the following:

  • Restore to Orginal Location
  • Restore to Alternate Location
  • Restore as a Virtual Machine to ARK Business Continuity Serve
  • Restore as a Virtual Machine to Rojoli Private Cloud
  • Restore as a Virtual Machine to Alternate Cloud

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Rojoli Arc chassis

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Backup and replication
Deliver user confidence by ensuring that their Digital Life will be available when, where and how they want it. Veeam based solutions from Rojoli gives you the ability to instantly recover any app and any data, across any cloud. With our strong alliance partnerships and seamless technology integrations with the leading cloud providers including AWS, Microsoft Cloud, IBM Cloud and over 18,000 managed cloud providers, you’ll be ready to meet any demand, every time.

Office 365 backup
Many Office 365 customers mistakenly believe Microsoft is responsible for backing up their Office 365 data. The truth is Office 365 customers are responsible for providing their own backup and restore strategy.   Rojoli Services and AvePoint provide Office 365 customers with granular backup/restore capability for Office 365 Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive, Teams, Groups, and Projects. 

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Why Rojoli Services? 
Having the right partner to assist and advise you on your distaster recovery plans is critical. Rojoli Services  has over 10 years experience providing backup and disaster recovery solutions for small and medium sized businesses.  Customers of Rojoli Services enjoy the following added benefits:
  • A responsive, high intergrity business partner
  • Experts to assist with the planning, configuration, and implementation of backup and disaster recovery solutions
  • Monitoring and management services
  • U.S. based support team 
  • Consolidated billing for all your Office 365 products and cloud services
  • With Rojoli Services "We're in this Together"