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How Rojoli Services is helping businesses keep working


Lauched in 2016 Insiten is a rapidly growing technology company headquartered at Curiosity Lab in Peachtree Corners. The company develops software and provides consulting servies in the corporate strategy, finance and operations space. Their marquis product, TackleBox, empowers teams to present Excel analysis with speed and confidence by delivering automated PowerPoint presentations, real-time dashboards and Powerful insights. 

The coronavirus publice health emergency and the associated stay-at-home/social distancing mandates caused Insiten to quickly implement a work-from-home strategy. Employees were forced to abandon their "ultimate developer paradise," where they enjoyed state-of-the-art equipment and in-person collaboration. With all employees remote, Insiten had to rethink how they could continue to effectively collaborate. 

The tech company's IT and cloud solutions partner Rojoli Services, jumped into action by providing the tools, infrastructure and security to provide business continuity. This enabled Insiten to rapidly pivot to a work-at-home model.

"Working with Rojoli to put in place the right tools and infrastructure to ensure connectivity across the team was crucial to our business operations," said Adam Trien Insiten CEO.

Using Microsoft Teams, Insiten's employees and their clients were able to stay connected with online meeting, file sharing, project management and other collaboration tools. Utilizing Microsoft 365, Insiten was able to use familiar desktop applications across different devices while keeping their files secure.

Rojoli Services implemented a cloud-based infrastructure with key benefits that included flexibility, disaster recovery and business continuity, collaboration, security and the ability to work anywhere with an internet connection. Rojoli partners with many small businesses in the Peachtree Corners area, helping them to overcome technology challenges and thrive.

Now, more than ever, that's critical for businesses, large and small. "We're in this together," said Gentry Ganote, Rojoli Services CEO.

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